Continuing 15 Years of Delivering Health

Cardiology, Neurology, Nephrology, Diabetology, Pediatrics, Anti-Infectives, Nutraceuticals and many more pharmaceutical products available with us.

Amarjeet Medical Hall (AMH), is one of the largest distributor in Noida and NCR region. Dealing with more than 15,000+ products, from 170+ Pharmaceutical Companies, both Multinational and Indian and serving 1500+ customers both Retail and Hospitals based pharmacies

Amarjeet Medical Hall (AMH), who was lauded as a visionary during his time in the pharma fraternity, begin his foray , making the company one of the largest distributors in the state of NCR.


We are Providing Excellent Health Care

Our products are sourced directly from the manufacturers and sold either to pharmacies or hospitals that possess a valid drug license.




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